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Accommodation Inclusive
Feejee Five - 11 days
Triple Treat - 9 days
Mangos and Mantarays - 8 days
Lei Low - 6 days
Whole Hula - 4 days
Feejee Adventure - 7 days
Feejee Layback - 4 days
About Us

The Journey...

Like most of our good ideas, the concept for Feejee Experience was fine-tuned over vinos and beers. With our parent company Tourist Transport Fiji who is already Fiji's largest tourist transport operator we decided to give it a go. When we were first throwing the idea around  we did a road trip around Viti Levu and one thing just led to another!

The route around Viti Levu has been designed by you, the adventure-minded traveller wanting more invigorating and challenging experiences whilst still being able to relax on the beach to get a tan. Feejee Experience has been set-up to help you experience all that this incredible country has to offer and our aim is that you return home with a greater knowledge and understanding of the Pacific community, not just the best sun tan ever.

Feejee Experience was initially owned and operated by the same company as Kiwi Experience (and formerly Oz Experience). As time moved on we all went our separate ways to specialise on our own products. Feejee Experience is now owned and operated by Tourist Transport (Fiji) Ltd, Fiji's largest transport provider. We are a part of the AOT Travel Service Group, a private company in Australia. Our parent companies in Fiji are  TTF and ATS Pacific Fiji.

This is our Feejee Experience story. We can’t wait to hear yours.

Winners of the Fiji Excellence in Tourism Award 2010 and 2013

'Best Fiji Experience'