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Accommodation Inclusive
Feejee Five - 11 days
Triple Treat - 9 days
Mangos and Mantarays - 8 days
Lei Low - 6 days
Whole Hula - 4 days
Feejee Adventure - 7 days
Feejee Layback - 4 days
Comments from travelling Fiji

Customer Comments

Really friendly they made our trip. Could not have had better people making sure that every one enjoyed every moment. Really fun , amazing guide, brilliant experiences which are made better by being in a great group. The village visit , felt really welcomed into the village, the children, food and people were amazing
Hannah Lister

the places that we visited were amazing, good range of activities. Maryann was beyond amazing!. She made the trip. Because of her i will tell everyone about Feejee Experience. Maryann was the best guide ever. Getting to know the group and the amazing tour guide and driver was the highlight of Feejee Experience.
Hannah Imwalle USA & Australia

The whole 4days was an amazing experience. Maryann is amazing. Thank you so much for every experience you made our trip extra special. Best way to experience the real fiji. The village and the constant laughs throughout made the highlight of my trip.
Sophie Mayers - England

Uprising Resort was very good. Good cultural experience within real communities and people. Village ceremony/School Visit & waterfall trek was the highlight of my Feejee Expereince.
Joe Upsmall - England

An amazing experience and the Village visit was the highlight of my tour.
Victoria - Norway

Awesome Adventure! Rainforest Trek & Waterfall jumping was the highlight
Sebastian S - Switzerland

I liked the total experience!. The village visits, the school, Uprising Rainforest Trek, the BBQ on the beach. A very interesting and nice trip. Thank you all!!
Monica A - Norway

Really Awesome. it was great. the school was a great experience.
Sevesin Cabler - Switzerland

Good Trip, great experiences, completely happy!! thank you
The village & school trip was a highlight for me. the people were so nice made us feel welcome all the time.
Tom Field - England

Hi Feejee Ex
I just wanted to send you an email to say a HUGE thank you for my trip on the Feejee Experience. It was the most amazing trip and I loved Fiji and the trip I think made it even more amazing for me. From the moment I arrived and until I left your whole team were so helpful and welcoming. All the accommodation was just amazing and could not believe the value for money, they were perfect! The tour covered everything and more beyond my expectations, truly was just out of this world I loved every part of it. I would like to also mention that my guide Kay was just the most informative and nicest guy, he really treated us like his friends and not just a tour group. So so helpful and ever so interesting not just with information about the country and locals but his own experiences which was nice rather than just someone reading from a guide book!
The only thing I have to say that I wanted is more time there!! I will definitely be returning and you can count on me to be recommending FeeJee Experience to all that come into OzIntro and anyone I speak to!!
Thank you once again.
Kind regards
Oz Intro

Good Morning,

I have just returned home to Australia from 9 amazing days in Fiji.

I wanted to take this opportunity to pass back some feedback from our Feejee Expirence.

We commenced our tour with Kay and Arvin on Monday 5th of September stayed one night in mango bay, then stayed an extra three nights in Uprising so therefore finishing our tour
With Gerry, Eliza & Emmy.

Firstly i wanted to say WOW what an amazing tour you have developed, in enables tourists to gain a real insight into “Real” Fiji, experience your culture and heritage, it was absolutely sensational.

Both Kay & Gerry are two of the most amazing people i have ever met, along with Emmy, Arvin & Eliza, they certainly possess many fundamental qualities as tour guides who are dealing with international tourists on a daily basis.

If it wasn’t for these five employees i am certain the tour would definitely not have been the same, it was these unique individuals that really set the tour apart from all the other tours i have done within Australia and other parts of the world.

Its not every day that people are recognised for what a contribution they make within their companies, so i wanted to take this opportunity to highlight and provide some general feedback.

I live in a Mining town in Central Queensland Australia, where there is an abundance of wealth, it was defiantly an experience i will never forget, the Fijian people may not be extremely wealthy including our fabulous tour guides but day in day out they wake up with a huge big smile and they were such a breath of fresh air, a ray of sunshine and hope, a true inspiration to the rest of society.

Zane and i would like to return with a group of our friends to participate in the FeeJee expirence all over again, the only hard decision we will face is to which of your amazing tour guides we will want to go with, i think we will need to stay a few nights at each place so we do sections of the trip with all of them.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my email, if you could kindly pass on the feedback to your guides and drivers it would be greatly appreciated.

Emmy is going to make an extremely wonderful tour guide after her training with Gerry, i really look forward to our next FeeJee Expirence.

Kindest Regards,
Kirsty Wainwright


It was an amazing way to see the country. The village and the school trip was the highlight for me. Thank you all for a fantastic experience, met great people and enjoyed it all.
Zoe Edmondson - UK

Jungle Trek & village visit was the highlight of my experience. Brilliant experience! oNce in a lifetime.
Rebecca Masterson -Ireland
i loved every minute of the trip. really enjoyed the rainforest trek & waterfall. Uprising was amazing. Couldn't have asked for a better driver and guide. Hilarious & definitely was made to feel part of the fiji family. Thank you Jerry, Maryann & Elija

amazing, great guides! going to school/beach & the mud pools were the highlight of my trip. Had an amazing time! Guides really made it fun.
Hannah Bailey

Highlight: Enjoying time with fellow travellers! The cultural experiences, entertaining guide.
Simone Werdner, Australia

really enjoyed chance to see untouched Fiji—drive though villages on way to Voli Voli & cultural activities.
Katie, Ireland

Best way to make friends especially when traveling alone, and always felt being part of the family
Andres, Brazil

Never thought to come across beautiful beaches and resort on the main island
Bree McDonnell, Scotland

The programme for the day sand ski, trekking, bush walk, rafting, school visit, village visit, weaving at the village , green coconut drinking, Polynesian / Melanesian dance), crab racing and snorkeling at Volivoli etc , and all the resort we’ve been to was just great, no wonder guest book Feejee experience as the produce you offer them is just good.
Ben Derbicz, Sweden

The highlight of my trip around the world and will be a memorable trip.
Basa Alanna, Canada

Meeting th Fijian people and seeing their lifestyle first hand
Akemi, Japan

Volivoli: Top class!
Jason Sissons, England

I recently did the Mangos and Mantarays feejee experience. I forgot to hand up my feedback form. I had a great time, trip was really good, my guide Kay and driver Elija were brilliant guys to experience Fiji with. I will recommend Feejee Experience to everyone I meet!!! Kellie Hoyne

Hi Adi,

I just wanted to provide Feejee Experience and especially you, Emi and Eliza, with a big thank you for such a great time in Fiji. The effort everyone made to make sure that we made it out to Mango Bay even with the last minute booking was exceptional. Emi and Eliza were fantastic tour guides and we had such a great time with them and the rest of our group. The private rooms of the hostels included in the Feejee Experience were some of the nicest we have stayed at anywhere and all of them exceeded our expectations. So again, thank you so much for the fabulous time in Fiji!

Kind regards,
Aaron and Paula, Vancouver, Canada


I just wanted to email to say what a FANTASTIC time I had on the Whole Hula, Feejee Experience tour last week. Our guide 'K' and driver 'Mr A' were both really fun, friendly and informative and made sure we had a great time, giving us what felt like a private tour, as there were only 2 of us on the tour.

The tour was so varied with activities such as the sandboarding, jungle trekking and snorkelling being matched by cultural activities such as the school and village visit. There was also time to relax on the beach and in the mud pools and hotsprings. The resorts we stayed at were awesome and the staff were all so accomodating and friendly!

I had so much fun, tried new things and learnt loads. Thank you so much K, Mr A and FeeJee Experience! Ill definietly be recommending the tour to my friends.

Hannah :-)


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