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Accommodation Inclusive
Feejee Five - 11 days
Triple Treat - 9 days
Mangos and Mantarays - 8 days
Lei Low - 6 days
Whole Hula - 4 days
Feejee Adventure - 7 days
Feejee Layback - 4 days
Inclusions & Discounts
Inclusions & Discounts

The best things in life are free and from Fiji, well included anyhow!

Lots of INCLUSIONS and discounts on Fiji activities

Feejee Experience works with the local communities and activity providers to include as many Fiji activities into each and every Feejee Experience pass we offer. This means loads of free stuff to you as well as helping the local communities along the way. Many of these Fiji activities can only be done with Feejee Experience because of our commitments to the traditional landowners. Feejee Experience also offers discounts on other activities in Fiji whether it is shark diving or island hopping.


To make sure your hard-earned cash goes as far as possible the following activities are included on Feejee Experience passes. That means no additional cost to do everything throughout the day on Feejee Experience and more money to sit back at Fiji’s best beach resorts every night and sip on those long awaited famous Fijian cocktails!! All activities are optional and should you not want to do them, there's always the beach!


Reef snorkelling trip
Fiji has some of the best snorkelling in the world and we've made sure you to have the opportunity to make the most of it. Our first afternoon at Robinson Crusoe Island includes a boat trip to the nearby reef when you can hang with Nemo and his cousins!

Rainforest Trek
Rated the best activity by over 80% of Feejee Experience passengers, the trek through the rain forest is loads of fun and will let you be at one with the Fijian jungle! (For those who aren’t able to do the trek, you can just relax and mingle with the villagers)

Secluded Waterfall Swimming
Our Jungle walk takes you directly to the Biausevu Waterfall - one of the largest waterfalls in the Coral Coast. You can relax  and have a refreshing swim!

7 Chamber Snake cave visit
This is in Wailotua Village 23km west of Korovou the snake god cave is one of the largest caves in Fiji. The caves have been previously mapped, explored and mined for phosphate and are currently being mined for limestone. A series of tunnels leads to a major cavern, in which it is said that Governor Arthur Gordon came for Sevusevu.

Traditional Village Visit
After the introduction to Fijian culture on day one, the visit to Nasautoka is the real deal! Experience a traditional sevu-sevu ceremony at a remotely located village in the highlands. This is a unique opportunity to gain an insight into the day in a life of the local people.
Bilibili Rafting
After a few bowls of kava at Nasautoka Village it’s down into the Wanibuka River for bilibili rafting, the traditional Fijian style raft, with the locals and the regular bilibili raft races!




Natural Mud Pools & Hot Pools
Located at the base of the ‘Sleeping Giant’ in the Sabeto Valley, the Sabeto hot pools offer a unique opportunity to relax in the natural hot pools. If a nice soak in the hot springs is too sedate for you, get down and dirty in the mud pools!






Fiji Museum Visit
Located in the heart of Suva’s Thurston Gardens, the Fiji Museum holds a remarkable collection, which includes archaeological material dating back 3,700 years and cultural objects representing both Fiji’s indigenous inhabitants and the other communities that have settled in the island group over the past 200 years. The Museum is a statutory body governed by the Fiji Museum Act and the Preservation of Objects of Archaeological and Paleontological Interest Act!