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Accommodation Inclusive
Feejee Five - 11 days
Triple Treat - 9 days
Mangos and Mantarays - 8 days
Lei Low - 6 days
Whole Hula - 4 days
Feejee Adventure - 7 days
Feejee Layback - 4 days
Responsible Fiji tourism

Feejee Experience is committed to responsible tourism in Fiji. Each trip we, Feejee Experience, and you, the traveller, have numerous opportunities to give back to the Fijian community and environment. Sustainability is important to the environment worldwide, but sustainability is more apparent on these small isolated islands in the Pacific.

Through community projects, cultural awareness, and eco-tourism Feejee Experience makes a better Fiji with every passenger we carry, not to mention getting a nice sun tan along the way at Fiji’s world renowned beaches.



Schools & Orphanages...

Whilst travelling in Fiji not only do we visit the best beaches and do loads of free activities, but we contribute to local schools and orphanages.

Whether it be the school children on the rural Kings Road or the disadvantaged kids at one of Suva’s orphanages, Feejee Experience pay a visit to share stories and knowledge and generally help out where we can. Your Guides will call into a local store on the way and you are more than welcome to spend a few Fijian dollars buying the kids some school supplies to footballs for a kick around with them.

Student Sponsorships...

Every Feejee Experience ticket goes towards sponsoring a group of school children at three different schools along the Kings Road—one of Fiji’s most untouched regions. The funds that we donate go towards school fees, uniform and general supplies to ensure each student can complete each year of education successfully. We follow their success to ensure that each student fulfils their promise and each donation made is spent to ensure the best possible outcome for the students and the schools involved.

Feejee Experience is also proud to have contributed to the building of Dakuivuna Primary School’s first computer lab, which will benefit all students and ensure access to basic computing skills.


Volunteer Work...

Currently, Feejee Experience is taking a new initiative to create a volunteer work program for those passengers interested in hopping-off to help. There will be heaps of more information to come, but if you can’t wait check out our interactive map to check out a few volunteer options you can contact directly.

Vehicle Emissions...

Feejee Experience vehicles are built to the very highest emission standards set by the Fijian and New Zealand road transport industry. Although we’re not proud to say all vehicles in Fiji are ‘carbon friendly’ we are proud to say that Feejee Experience has Fijis most modern fleet of vehicles.


Green Tips...

  • Fijian retailers love to hand out plastic bags! Be environmentally aware and try to put all purchases into your day pack.
  • We don’t recommend drinking the tap water in Fiji so that means you go through a lot of bottled water. Make sure you dispose and recycle of it as Fiji is currently the biggest user and disposer of plastic bottles in the South Pacific.
  • Try to use your towels as many times as practicable without throwing them in the wash. Fresh water is valuable in some regions of Fiji and any savings that can be made assists the environment.
  • Be sure when on the beaches that you walk on clearly marked paths as the vegetation on the dunes is there to protect the beaches’ beauty and ensure erosion of the low lying islands is minimal.
  • While on your Feejee Experience trip there is a lot of swimming in beaches, rivers, waterfalls, etc. Make sure after every swim you rinse your swim gear in fresh tap water to ensure not to spread unwanted bacteria to the different bodies of water.


Staff Initiatives...

The Feejee Experience staff contribute, in all environmental initiatives with our parent company - Tourist Transport Fiji. The team constantly organise social fund raising events for the local community charities. These external measures along with internal recycling and waste control measures makes Feejee Experience and Tourist Transport Fiji one of the leading Fiji tourism businesses in regards to environmental issues.