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Accommodation Inclusive
Feejee Five - 12 days
Triple Treat - 10 days
Mangos and Mantarays - 8 days
Lei Low - 6 days
Whole Hula - 4 days
Coral Coaster - 3 days
Transport Only
Hula Loop - 4 days
Big Kahuna - 14 days
Where We Go & What We Do!
Where We Go & What We Do

Fiji activities and experiences you can’t get anywhere else


Why go to one resort when you could go to four or five, seeing more and doing more along the way. Some people think the more islands they visit, the more of Fiji they have seen. The reality is jumping from similar resort on similar island to similar resort on similar island doesn’t allow you to experience all that Fiji has to offer. For a true island holiday experience you need to get out and about, seeing everything the Fiji islands have to offer whilst still having that relaxing island holiday you long for!

We’ve perfected our route over the last 12 years to offer you the best possible Fiji experience ensuring you make the most of every Fiji day you have. We’ve employed the best of the best when it comes to local guides and drivers. Their knowledge, passion and enthusiasm is unparalleled. They make the popular Fiji tourist attractions look dull by showing you places only known to the local villagers.


Where we go
Fantastic variety of passes to choose from
More beaches, more often
Unique experiences off the beaten track
Amazing Resorts
Avoid the tourist traps
Culture, adventure, socializing and scenery

What we do
Beach, sun & sea
Real Fiji culture
Unique nature experiences & Adrenalin activities
Unique Tribal experience
Helping the community and the environment
How we do it better
Hop-on, hop-off
Regular reliable departures
Short trips each day = more activities, less travel
12 months to travel
Start anywhere passes



 Where we go...



We have just the right amount of passes to suit all budgets and time frames inclusive of activities. Whatever your needs there’ll be travel passes to get you where you want to go and ensure you get to do all those must do Fiji activities plus ones you never knew existed. Check out the map to see exactly where we go and to help you make your decision or go to our book online page if you already know what you’re after. As always we’re here to help you plan your Fiji adventure travel so feel free to contact us on enquires@feejeexperience.com or visit us in our Nadi International Airport arrivals office.


Feejee Experience is all about getting you off the coach and experiencing the real Fiji. In between our overnight stops we visit Fijis best attractions along the way. These include mixture of stunning beaches, volcanic escarpments and highlands carpeted in thick tropical rainforest, unique cultural activities, places to relax, take a walk or swim, or perhaps just a great place to get a meal. Our passes (Hula Loop and Big Kahuna) give you flexibility to get off anywhere along our route and allow you to explore these unique stops at your own pace. When you’re ready to carry on with your journey, simply hop back on the next coach (check out our up to date timetable page). All of the mainland and island resorts we stop have amazing beaches waiting for you! This is why we go there!


The best places aren’t always on a map or in a guide book and sticking to the main travel routes alone is never the best way to discover a country or find adventure. Every Feejee Experience pass offers a mixture of the big highlights you’ve heard about and the amazing hidden places you never thought could exist. We pride ourselves on the fact that you’ll do and see things that will make your trip totally unique.


Stay at some of Fiji’s finest budget resorts with everything at your finger tips including stunning palm fringed beaches, exquisite reefs and refreshing swimming pools. . See the Amazing resorts page for more info.


By travelling with Feejee Experience you’ll get instant access to our years of travel experience in Fiji and the knowledge that goes with it. We’ll show you the best places and drive straight on past the disappointing ones. As travellers ourselves we know what you’re after and plan our trips around the places truly worth your time and hard earned money.


All travellers seek different things, but at the same time almost always want a balance between exotic beaches, Fijian culture, history, adventure, nature, partying, unique experiences and scenery. All of these things are packed into each Feejee Experience travel pass and it’s totally up to you what you want to do. Feejee Experience gives you the chance to try new things, challenge yourself and truly immerse yourself into our culture and country.


What we do...



You think Fiji and images of beach, sun, and sand come to mind. Beaches are one of Fiji’s main draw cards and an integral part of the lives of many Fijians, which is why we take you to some of the best. From stunning island beaches at Robinson Crusoe, Beachcomber, Mantaray and Blue Lagoon Resort or the tranquil waters at Uprising Beach Resort, all of these places are more beautiful than you can imagine. Feejee Experience takes you directly to them and offers you the chance to see it all. Just don’t forget to wear your sunscreen!


We stop in at traditional villages as villagers go about their daily life. In many rural areas children walk great distances to the nearest schools, their tired bags containing only the most basic of school gear. Feejee Experience visits schools, villages and orphanages along the route allowing you to meet and mingle with the locals in environments unadulterated by tourism. A far cry from the inviting images that line the pages of travel brochures and magazines, our village stops provide a unique experience and an unmatched insight into how ‘The Other Half’ live in a developing country. This is the real Fiji!


If you pictured Fiji as an idyllic island destination with peaceful surroundings and lazy days you’re not too far wrong. For those wanting a little more from their day, Fiji is also an adventure and adrenaline paradise like no other! From cage-less diving with bull sharks and swimming with manta rays,  jet boating, jungle trekking, waterfall swimming and white water rafting. Fiji has it all and more! If an adrenalin buzz is what you’re after, we’ll help you make it happen!


We like to give something back to the communities we visit. Each Feejee Experience trip  makes a stop at a variety of school and/or orphanages in remote areas, which enables you, the traveller, the opportunity to donate school stationery and other small inexpensive gifts to the less privileged children of Fiji. Makes you feel pretty good!

We are also very proud to be carbon neutral as well as having all Feejee Experience buses emission tested to comply with industry standards.

How we do it better



Back in 1989 Kiwi Experience invented the “Hop-On, Hop-Off” tour concept, which changed New Zealand adventure travel forever! 13 years later we brought the concept to Fiji and started Fiji’s first hop-on, hop-off tour concept, Feejee Experience. Since then we have tailored our passes to not only offer "Hop On, Hop Off' flexible itineraries but accommodation inclusive scheduled itineraries so if you've only got 3, 5, 7 or 10 days we've got you covered. Hop on and Hop off is only available for Hula Loop and Big Kahuna passes.

With Feejee Experience there’s no pressure, you can jump off anywhere (with our Transport only passes) along the way and contact us when you’re ready to jump back on and see something new. In fact, we encourage you to get off along the way for a bit of adventure: beautiful hikes, a weekend surfing, meet the locals, volunteer your time, or perhaps for a lazy week at one of Fiji’s resorts. It could be one of our overnight stops, one of the more remote day stops, or perhaps you’re keen to get even further off the beaten track.



Sun, rain or plenty of Fijian shine you can guarantee that Feejee Experience will be departing three times a week. Reliability is key when you are travelling on a timeline and a budget; for you this means you can rest easy when you hop-off and know that the next bus is coming to pick-up you up on schedule. Vessels to the outer islands including Beachcomber, Blue Lagoon Resort and Mantaray Island depart daily.


Our route around the main island of Viti Levu is only a 500km round-trip so we make sure you get the most out of your time. This means you’ve got even more time to get off the tourist trail and in touch with the real Fiji, lay in the sand, swim in the waterfall, or visit the school kids.


To help you make the most of your hop-on, hop-off pass, all of our passes are valid for 12 months. Once you’ve purchased your pass you have 12 months to start your travel and then once you’ve started you have 12 months to complete your travel route. This gives you even more travel freedom, flexibility and independence, especially if you’ve got plenty of extra time to travel Fiji.


Some passes obviously have to start in certain locations, but a number of other Feejee Experience passes allow you to start anywhere around the country to allow for you to customize your Fiji holiday  (see passes page). Even if you want to start off in a remote place you can still buy a Feejee Experience pass and begin travel from that location and finish there too.

Island passes such as Feejee Five, Triple treat, Mangos and Mantaray’s, Lei Low and the Big kahuna can be done in reverse meaning you can visit the island before heading off on your Feejee Experience.