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Accommodation Inclusive
Feejee Five - 11 days
Triple Treat - 9 days
Mangos and Mantarays - 8 days
Lei Low - 6 days
Whole Hula - 4 days
Feejee Adventure - 7 days
Feejee Layback - 4 days
The Feejee Experience


Why Feejee Experience offers the ultimate Fiji adventure

You’ve worked hard, saved up and aren’t sure when you’ll get the chance to do it all again. The last thing you want to do now is choose the wrong people to travel in Fiji with. You’re here to see the country—not the inside of a bus or boat. You’re here to meet people—not to practice for some reality survival show on a stranded island. You’re here to experience a legendary place and be guided by those who know the Fiji Islands best. Travellers and backpackers around the world choose Feejee Experience, because this is what we want for you aswell.

Feejee Experience is the real Fiji—sun, sand, culture, and adventure; designed by travellers for travellers. We know when to stop and soak it in and when to keep on and leave the tourist traps behind. We’ll show you Fiji’s big highlights and incredible places so hidden even Tom Hanks in Castaway couldn’t find them. Whether you’re an adventurous person, a culture seeker, a beach lover, or have come to see the most amazing islands the Pacific has to offer, Feejee Experience is the trip of a lifetime! You couldn’t have a bad time if you tried.

Over the past nice years our reputation has grown, passengers, awards, and word of mouth from thrilled travellers and holidayers has spoken for itself. As part of the legendary experience we’d love you to continue the story and experience the Fiji Islands with us—the way it should be seen!


Why Choose Us

There are a thousand reasons why travellers choose Feejee Experience over boat tours or 1-resort based holidays. The first few can be found here…

Who travels with us
You’ll love meeting the other travellers of all ages, all nationalities, and all types who travel with us on our Fiji adventures. Whether you’re coming for the sun, fun, beaches, culture, adventures, socialising, scenery, or adventure; you’ll leave having done it all and seen Fiji exactly the way you wanted too!

Customer Comments
Just so you know we’re not making this stuff up, have a read of real customer comments, complete with real names, real countries and real spelling mistakes.

FAQ - Fiji backpacker passes
Frequently asked questions about Feejee Experience and our Fiji adventures. Remember to check out the passes page too for more information.

About us
Feejee Experience was started in 2002. Feejee Experience has grown and evolved it's product offer much more adventure, we include accommodation and activtiies into some of our more popular itineraries operating on its own now..

News and awards
News from Feejee Experience so you know we’re committed to being leaders in the industry, and continue to offer the best possible travel experience for all our passengers.
Wanna work for us?
Tourism jobs don’t come much cooler than working in Fiji with one of the industry’s coolest brands. We often have positions available, especially for Drivers, Guides, Customer Services staff, and Mechanics, so if you’re keen to learn more let us know!