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It’s good to learn from your mistakes… but far better to learn from someone else’s first. Travelling is no different and seeing the best bits and avoiding the tourist traps which is heaps easier when you can talk to those who’ve been there and done Fiji tours before.



Just by being on the bus Feejee Experience passengers get insights not available to regular backpackers and travellers, plus you get an amazing amount of freebies. You’ll be taken to unique Fiji destinations, receive flexible travel options you just can’t get on a smaller travel network on boats or local busses, and can be assured of making the very most of your time while here. We suggest you make the most of those around you by asking your Driver and Guide questions and sharing tips with fellow passengers.


Feejee Experience takes you directly to stunning island beaches at Robinson Crusoe, Beachcomber, Barefoot Manta and Barefoot Kuata Resort or the tranquil waters at Uprising Beach Resort, all of these places are more beautiful than you can imagine. Just don’t forget to wear your sunscreen!


According to the thousands of travellers who have done Feejee Experience, these are the top 10 must-do places and activities:

  1. Snake caves in Wailotua: The caves have been previously mapped, explored and mined for phosphate and are currently being mined for limestone. A series of tunnels leads to a major cavern, in which it is said that Governor Arthur Gordon came for Sevusevu. Largest cave in Fiji.
  2. Swimming with the Manta Rays at Barefoot Manta!
  3. Meeting the locals in the village of Nasautoka. No experience compares to a visit to a Fijian village. Take the time and effort to have a chat and hang around with the locals for a few extra rounds of kava.
  4. Sevu-sevu ceremony: Taking part in a traditional kava ceremony is a privilege and is an ancient practice still practiced in Fiji regularly.
  5. Checking out Fiji's interior by taking a trek through the lush tropical rainforest and swimming in the largest waterfall in Coral Coast..
  6. Exploring Fiji's spectacular underwater world by scuba diving at Barefoot Manta, Barefoot Kuata Resort, Beachcomber or Robinson Crusoe Island.
  7. Beachcomber Island, world famous in Fiji this is a must!
  8. Suva City: The largest city in the South Pacific (excluding New Zealand and Australia of course). Bustling with activity as the cultures of Fiji mesh.
  9. Visiting the Island of fire dancers and experiencing a spectacular cultural show
  10. Nadi town: is multiracial with many of its inhabitants Indian or Fijian, along with a large transient population of foreign tourists. Definitely check out the Nadi markets and the amazing Hindu Temple at the end of town.